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"I wish everyone the opportunity I had years ago  to leave and work abroad."

Chiara Biagini

I was born and raised in Italy, in Rome. I graduated with honors in Psychology, and today I am a short strategic psychotherapist, psychodiagnostic, clinical psychologist and forensic.

I personally participated in a similar project and after a long experience in Germany in the field of education I decided to return to Italy to help those who, like me, want to experiment in a foreign work environment because I considered this experience of mine very valuable.

I know what it means to move abroad, the difficulties you face in a new country and to start from scratch away from home because I did it myself and I will put all my professional skills at your disposal to help you take this important step.

In these projects I contribute as a profiler to identify the most suitable candidates to be interviewed by our German partners (hospitals, clinics, kindergartens, kindergartens, etc.)

I wish you all the opportunity that I had years ago to leave and work abroad with a company that can accompany you in this wonderful new experience of foreign life.

Jessica Leister


I was born and raised in Pirmasens by an Italian mother and a German father.


I have always had two passions: languages and people. I speak 5 languages and I have lived not only in Germany but also in Italy, France and England and there and worked for several multinationals.


I did this experience on my own and tried to find work on the territory by myself. So I know what it's like to move to another country and start from scratch.


I am also a German teacher and I know very well what people who decide to face this challenge are going to encounter.


During a trip to Naples the idea of the wing service was born, in order to help people to get in touch with new opportunities and to integrate in other countries easily. My main aim is to make the transit as pleasant as possible.


I myself have lived "the culture clash" with all the problems that may arise. Done with caution and care, however, it can be the most beautiful and richest experience of your life that really opens up new horizons.


Within the company WinG Service I find and contact the hospitals that need staff. And I will simultaneously translate all the interviews.


I work on German territory and there I am always a reference point for all the newcomers.


"I know what it's like to move to another place

and start from scratch..."

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