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The Caritas Clinic Saarbrücken is a university hospital of the University of Saarland and has more than 20 medical departments. It is one of the most efficient, competent and modern medical facilities in South-West Germany and provides all interventional diagnostic and radiological services:


Magnetic resonance imaging (several scanners, including 3 Tesla MRIs)

Computed tomography (multiple scanners, e.g. 256 CT lines)

Sonography (many devices)

Radiography (many devices)

Fluoroscopy (including special applications)

Mammography (including tomosynthesis)

Angiography (catheter-based diagnostics, also hybrid surgery)

Intervention radiology (minimally invasive therapy, also tumor ablation)

The staff of the institute is active 24 hours a day every day. Emergency examinations can be carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Teleradiology is available for night service.

The institute is integrated into a hospital information system (HIS), a radiological information system (RIS) and an image archiving and communication system (PACS). The results are created with a voice recognition system and a voice processing system. The institute has a fully digital workflow: all documents are dictated, seen, corrected and signed.


In recent years, the number of hospital and outpatient radiology services has more than quadrupled - and the Institute of Interventional Diagnostics and Radiology at the Caritas Clinic in Saarbrücken continues to grow in terms of both staff and technology.


The Institute of Interventional Diagnostics and Radiology of Caritas Klinikum Saarbrücken is the central reference centre for GE Healthcare and Agfa Healthcare. Its status as a reference centre ensures that the radiology department of the Caritas Clinic always has the latest imaging services, the most modern IT equipment and the best technical support.

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Saarbrücken, a pulsating city close to France; its captivating mix of German and French lifestyles has always attracted visitors. There's always a love of everything French: you can breathe it in the pedestrian area, in the picturesque alleys and courtyards or in the small bistros and countless restaurants around the St. Johanner Markt.


Saarbrücken, the capital of the Land and a university town, is also an important economic and trade fair centre. The metropolis on the Saarland is located in the middle of a large urban area consisting of three regions, yet still remains a cozy and quiet city in which you will certainly feel comfortable.

Saarbrücken is not only a reference point for the world of festivals, culture and architecture, but also a city that loves greenery and offers many opportunities to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the open air. For example, the beautiful castle park, the French-German gardens or the riverside: everywhere you meet people walking, visiting one of the Biergarten or being kissed by the sun's rays. Do you want to live in a city with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere? Do you want a city of affordable rents that allow for a comfortable lifestyle? Then Saarbrücken is the right place for you!


  • After the interview to be held via skype or in person with the directors of personnel of the clinic, the selected candidates will move to Germany, precisely to Pirmasens to attend a language course. The interviews will be held in the presence of the General Managers supported by translators. The candidate will be interviewed in English

  • The course will be held in Pirmasens at the seat of the Internationaler Bund plus board and lodging during the course period.

  • The offer is the most advantageous on the German market because the program we offer has a high quality in terms of completeness of the project and language course. The language course is a TELC course including the examination

  • The internationaler Bund is an approved professional institution with 770 offices throughout Germany and carries out examinations with the internal committee. The study programme is a TELC programme. The Telc program is recognized by the German Ministry of Health for the purpose of equivalence of the Italian degree title for nurses.

These are the main advantages of the CaritasKlinikum Saarbrücken:


  • course with board and lodging in Pirmasens, Germany

  • recruitment as full-time radiographer

  • continuous specialisation and constant updating of hospital staff

  • national collective agreement for public hospitals (with seniority steps, supplements for public holidays, sundays, night shifts and overtime, regular payment of health and pension contributions, fair pay - in line with the German market)

  • help in finding accommodation with the possibility of renting out rooms owned by the clinic, including utilities (water, electricity and heating), on an agreed basis



  • The monthly salary of a radiographer with recognition of professional qualifications is between 2.765,13 a 2.967,91 Euro depending on experience and specializations or masters)

  • the 13th month's salary (in proportion to the months worked in the same year)

  • additional pension fund paid by the employer

  • 30 days paid holiday


* (this is the basic salary, which refers to approximately 40 hours per week, plus any overtime, shift allowances, nights, public holidays, etc.)

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