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offerte di lavoro infermiere all estero
Lavoro - Educatrice Asilo Nido germania/estero
trovare lavoro infermiere Germania

Do you want to work in Germany?


Then get in touch with us by completing the questionnaire that you find by following the link on the contact page.


We will review the questionnaire and your CV and send you the call with all the information about the project.


And then we hope to see you or hear you soon for an interview!

step 1

Lavoro ambito ospedaliero estero Gemania

Representatives of hospitals, clinics and their staff will want to meet your for an interview. This can be either on their premises or via Skype. On that occasion, you will have an interview with simultaneous translation. This way you will directly meet the company that offers you the job. This will guarantee you the seriousness of the project and the potential employer. At the meeting there will also be nurses/midwifes/medical-technical radiology assistants who have joined the company with the help of wing Service. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to listen to testimonials and then take the right decision for you.


Infermieri all’estero

Once you have been selected, i.e. once you have secured your job in Germany - including a pre-contract - you will leave within four weeks for Pirmasens, a small town in south-west Germany on the border with France.

step 3

 Infermieri all’estero imparare tedesco

In Pirmasens you will be taking an intensive language course -which lasts either 4 or 7 months.

You will be assigned a room in a facility of the Internationaler Bund (our partner) and in addition it is offered not only free accommodation but also two-thirds of the food (breakfast and lunch).

Their staff will help you in Pirmasens with their 24-hour tutoring to open a German bank account, the registration in the municipality and everything you need for integration in the German social context (management of all housing practices, health care, etc..) But above all follow the practice for the recognition of your degree.

Full service - you only have to concentrate on learning German

step 4

offerte di lavoro infermiere/educatrice a tempo indeterminato

You will finish the course with a B1 or B2 level certificate!


You will be assisted in time by our tutors to find accommodation in the city of the company that hired you or your employer will provide you with rooms or studios.


But above all, your employer is waiting for you and you will start working and walking alone by yourself within this new project of life. Best wishes! You've made it!

step 5

Why we're better than others?

'Cause you will learn

German in Germany!

All our projects take place directly in Germany, because we think that it is essential to have immediate contact with the company in which we will place you and learn the language directly on the spot, immersed 24 hours a day in the context in which you will then go to work.


Learning German in Germany offers the advantage of greater learning and faster integration in the territory, not only but it also allows you to get in touch with the traditions, culture, places and habits of German society.


the advantage of a B2 level in German

  • You're taking a German course up to B2. This means that when you start working 1) you are confident enough in speaking 2) you no longer have to worry about studying the language, but you can concentrate entirely on your work 3) you start out immediately as a recognised professional nurse with full pay.

  • By the time you start working, you will already be integrated in German: all the administration will be done for your like bank account, health insurance and everything necessary to start your daily life in Germany but most importantly we'll take care of the recognition process for your degrees / diplomas

  • By the time you start working you'll have spent 7.5 months in Germany and you'll already feel at home!

What are you waiting for? Do it the right way, do it with us!

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"I'm happy to live and work in Germany"

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