How much does a nurse earn in Germany?


With a B2 but no work experience you earn 2.800 € gross.

If you are not married and_you don't have children you'll

have 1820,- € safe. If you then add_overtime, shift allowances,

nights, holidays you can easily reach 2000 € net. If you have

documented work experience your basic salary rises according

to the years you worked. With 3 years work experience you

would already earn: 3235 € gross and so on.


I graduated abroad. I can access the



Of course! Either you recognize your degree.

(if it is not a European degree) in the European country

you're living at the moment or you do it

directly in Germany. In Germany however, sometimes

you're asked to do_further exams or internships (

up to 12 months of internships can be requested)


Will they give me the department I ask for?


Employers prefer people who know what they want and how they want to work. Therefore, they try to accommodate the wishes of the candidates.


What are the chances of them hiring me?


That depends above all on you and the impression you make. But there is a need for nurses.


How do I get my nursing degree recognised in Germany?


We'll take care of it!


Do I need to know German to participate in the selection?


No, in our project there is already a language course up to B2 in Germany.

If I don't pass the B1 exam, what happens?


You're gonna take the test again.

We have a quota_of approx. 90 - 95%.

Noone's_ever failed the test twice.


For further information, if you speak Italian, please watch here:

The language course is held in Pirmasens, a small town in Rhineland-Palatinate on the border with France. Rhineland-Palatinate is one of the lesser known regions of Germany, but no less beautiful. The film "Rhineland from above" gives you an idea of nature and architecture:

Region: Rheinland-Pfalz

city: Pirmasens

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