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Augusta hospital - Düsseldorf

According to a recent study by the F.A.Z Institute, the Augusta hospital is one of the 400 best German hospitals. It is a university hospital that is part of the University of Heinrich Heine in Düsseldorf, which is one of the best centers of medical science for the treatment of acute diseases.


The hospital offers 163 beds and cares for about 30,000 patients a year, and is also an important training location for future doctors and nurses who

have the opportunity to specialize by learning how to carry out diagnoses and treatments according to the latest and most advanced standards.


The hospital, in fact, has a large number of specialized clinics that treat a wide range of diseases. These clinics enjoy an excellent reputation within Germany. A centre of excellence for the use of non-invasive surgical techniques implemented by means of endoscopes and video cameras to face abdominal and vascular surgery. The Augusta Krankenhaus is also well equipped for surgical emergencies and also has a very modern and efficient laboratory dedicated to cardiology patients who need to be treated in a hospital.

Augusta Krankenhaus is also well equipped for surgical emergencies and also has a very modern and efficient laboratory dedicated to cardiology patients who require the grafting of left cardiac catheter.


The AUGUSTA hospital in Düsseldorf provides its patients with the following departments:


General, visceral, thoracic and endocrine surgery. Anesthesia/pain therapy and

intensive care, vascular surgery, internal medicine, cardiology, rhythmology and conservative medicine in intensive care



Düsseldorf is the capital of the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia. Founded on the banks of the Rhine River, Düsseldorf is located about 40 km north of Cologne and about 20 km south of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region where the cities of Duisburg, Essen and Dortmund are also located. This area is a highly concentrated region with about 10 million inhabitants.


Düsseldorf is, after Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich, one of Germany's five most important economic, cultural and political centres. The city has almost 600,000 inhabitants.


Düsseldorf's turnover is the highest in Germany in the areas of business, fashion, advertising, consulting and law. The city is a banking and exhibition centre and is home to many listed companies. Cultural centre, the city is home to several universities and has a multitude of museums and galleries that attract both residents and tourists.


Düsseldorf has a beautiful old town and a picturesque riverside, the city is known throughout the region for the famous boulevard Königsallee considered one of the most elegant and luxurious streets in Europe, for the carnival that begins on November 11 and continues with big parties until Ash Wednesday and finally for the football team Fortuna Düsseldorf.


The inhabitants of the city are very open and friendly which allows, among other things, to find a very favorable environment for the construction of a socially satisfying and professionally stimulating life. Düsseldorf continues to have an excellent result in national and international quality of life surveys: it is a city where the mentality of the inhabitants allows newcomers to easily fit into the German fabric that never tires considering the vastness of possibilities that offers not only Düsseldorf, but also other nearby cities such as Köln, Dortmund, Essen.

A huge advantage is that very nearby neighbouring municipalities still offer low cost rents, which makes living and working in or nearby Düsseldorf beneficial not only for making a living but to build a new life with a future.


  • After the interview to be held via skype with the directors of personnel of the clinic, the selected candidates will move to Germany, precisely to Pirmasens to attend a language course. The interviews will be held in the presence of the General Managers supported by translators. The candidate will be interviewed in English

  • The course will be held in Pirmasens at the seat of the Internationaler Bund plus board and lodging during the course period.

  • The offer is the most advantageous on the German market because the program we offer has a high quality in terms of completeness of the project and language course. The language course is a TELC course including the examination

  • The internationaler Bund is an approved professional institution with 770 offices throughout Germany and carries out examinations with the internal committee. The study programme is a TELC programme. The Telc program is recognized by the German Ministry of Health for the purpose of equivalence of the Italian degree title for nurses.

These are the main advantages of the St. Mauritius therapy clinic in Düsseldorf/Meerbusch:


  • course with board and lodging in Pirmasens, Germany

  • recruitment as full-time nurses

  • continuous specialisation and constant updating of hospital staff

  • national collective agreement for public hospitals (with seniority steps, supplements for public holidays, sundays, night shifts and overtime, regular payment of health and pension contributions, fair pay - in line with the German market)

  • help in finding accommodation with the possibility of renting out rooms owned by the clinic, including utilities (water, electricity and heating), on an agreed basis



  • The monthly salary of a registered / staff nurse with recognition of professional qualifications is about 2,800 Euro gross

  • Those who work in the intensive care unit or in the operating room will receive the basic salary (2800,- as above) plus 200 € extra.

  • Anyone with a specialisation in intensive care will automatically enter another salary bracket and receive 3000 gross*.

  • the 13th month's salary (in proportion to the months worked in the same year)

  • one-off bonus per year between 250 - 400 €

  • additional pension fund paid by the employer

  • Jobticket: public transport subscription

  • academy with free specialization courses

  • 30 days paid holiday


* (this is the basic salary, which refers to approximately 40 hours per week, plus any overtime, shift allowances, nights, public holidays, etc.)

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